Flexepin PDS

Dated: 5th November 2015

Issued by: Flexewallet Pty Ltd ABN 16 164 657 032 | AFSL 448066


This Product Disclosure Statement only applies to customers of Flexewallet Pty Ltd residing in Australia.

The information in this Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) is up to date as of 5 November 2015. If this information changes and the changes are not materially adverse, we will make this updated information available on this website, or you can email us on [email protected] to request a copy to be mailed to you.

1. The purpose of this Product Disclosure Statement

The law requires that we prepare and provide you with a PDS. The purpose of this PDS is to give you the information you require to make an informed decision about whether or not to utilise the Flexepin service. To assist you in understanding the Flexepin service, this PDS details the significant features of the service, including how to use it, and its costs, benefits and risks.

This PDS and the Flexepin Terms and Conditions form your agreement with us. You should read this PDS, the Flexepin Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy carefully before deciding whether to use the Flexepin service.

2. About this Product Disclosure Statement

This PDS is an important document which provides you with information about the Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher to help you decide whether to use this service. Please read this PDS carefully before deciding to use the Flexepin service.

This PDS is not intended to constitute advice, nor is it a recommendation or opinion that the Flexepin Cash Top-up Voucher Service is suitable for your needs. The information in this PDS is of a general nature only and does not take into account your specific objectives, financial situation or particular needs.


3. Contact Details

The Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher Service is provided to you by: Flexewallet Pty Ltd – ABN 16 164 657 032 | AFSL 448066
The contact details are as follows:
Flexewallet Pty Ltd

ABN 16 164 657 032

Level 3, 461 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Email: [email protected]
4. Meaning of words used

In this PDS, these words have the following meanings:

“Approved Merchant” : A business entity that has been approved by Flexewallet to accept Flexepin top-ups for its pre-registered consumers;

“Flexepin”: A cash top-up voucher that lets you top-up an existing account that you have with an Approved Merchant;

“Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher Service”: The purchase and use of related product and services provided by Flexewallet to users in accordance with the Flexepin Terms and Conditions; “Flexepin Terms and Conditions”: The Flexepin Terms and Conditions document outlining all the terms and conditions a User must abide to when using the Flexepin service. The document is regularly updated and is available online at Terms and Conditions;

“Flexepin Website” means the website found at https://www.flexepin.com.

“Flexewallet”: The issuer and managing entity of the Flexepin Service;

“Privacy Policy”: The Flexepin Privacy Policy document sets out the manner in which we will collect, store and use your personal information. The document is regularly updated and is available online at Privacy;

“User”: A user of the Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher Service;

“You” or “your”: Each person who uses to the Flexepin Service in accordance with the Flexepin Terms and Conditions.

5. The Flexewallet Product (Flexepin Cash Top-up Voucher)

A Flexepin is a cash top-up voucher that lets you top-up your existing account with an Approved Merchant. Flexepin is safer than conventional online payment methods, permitting any account holder to safely, conveniently and cost-effectively make an online top-up payment.

You can purchase Flexepin vouchers at preselected locations in exchange for cash or other cleared funds, in various pre-determined amounts. Your printed Flexepin voucher will display a numeric PIN which you need to enter on your chosen website to redeem the voucher.

Flexepin is currently available for purchase and use only within Australia.

Access to the Flexepin service is via websites, smartphone applications and portals operated by Approved Merchants. Flexepin places limits on the amount a User can obtain. This is to protect the integrity of Flexewallet’s payments system, to protect you, the User, and to comply with regulatory requirements.

You may hold up to 10 Flexepin voucher codes of up to $500 each. However, you may not hold voucher codes of more than $5,000 in total at any one time.

Each Flexepin voucher has a Use By Date. A voucher is no longer useable for transactions after that date. However, the unused value of such a voucher may be transferred to a new voucher or you may apply for a refund. You will not receive interest on the value of unused vouchers.


6. Terms and Conditions

All of the terms and conditions related to this product are located in the Terms and Conditions that can be accessed online at https://www.flexepin.com/terms-conditions.

Use of this product will mean that you agree with and accept all of the terms contained in the Terms and Conditions and all of the policies incorporated in the Terms and Conditions.

7. Commissions, fees and charges

There are generally no fees or charges payable by a Flexepin User. However:

• a $30 fee will be payable for processing a Flexepin refund more than 14 days after acquiring the voucher;

• a $4.00 monthly charge will apply to a voucher that has not been used before its Use By Date.

Flexewallet will receive a fee from Approved Merchants that accept Flexepin payments.

Flexewallet may increase the amount of fees and charges or introduce new fees and charges by providing two months’ notice through the Flexepin Website.

8. Benefits

Easy Access: Flexepin is a simple to use online payment option that lets you use your cash to safely and securely top-up your account and pay online. Access to the Flexepin Service is via websites, smartphone applications and portals operated by Approved Merchants.
Secure: Flexepin is more secure than conventional online payment methods, permitting a User to safely, conveniently and cost-effectively make an online top-up payment.
Convenient: Flexepin is accepted at an increasing number of Australian web sites and is perfect if you do not have or do not wish to use a payment card to pay online. Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers are especially useful when making online purchases where card payments are not permitted by your bank.

9. Risks
Unauthorised use of voucher code: You are responsible for the security and integrity of your Flexepin voucher code. Flexewallet will act on any validation request submitted through an Approved Merchant without enquiry into the identity or entitlement of the User. There is a risk that you will lose the value of a Flexepin voucher if the voucher code is lost, stolen or made known to another person. Flexewallet will cancel lost or stolen voucher codes upon request as long as they remain unredeemed.

Use By Date: Each Flexepin voucher code has a Use By Date. After that date you will be unable to use that voucher code in a transaction with an Approved Merchant. However, the unused value of such a voucher may be transferred to a new voucher or you may apply for a refund up to one year after the Use By Date of the voucher.

Suspending or cancelling of Flexepin: In certain circumstances, Flexewallet or an Approved Merchant may limit a User’s ability to use their Flexepin pending an investigation. This may occur for a variety of reasons including suspected fraud, sudden changes in the amount or number of transactions by the User, irregular patterns of usage, abuse of the Flexepin service by the holder of a Flexepin voucher, or a breach of the Flexepin Terms and Conditions. In some circumstances, Flexewallet may limit the use of a Flexepin voucher pending further information. Where a User’s Flexepin voucher has been limited in accordance with the Flexepin Terms and Conditions, Flexewallet or the Approved Merchant will attempt to resolve the issue, and if the issue is resolved, will remove any restriction on the Flexepin voucher promptly. However, Users should be aware that the removal of a restriction on a Flexepin voucher may take time and during this time the User may not be able to use their account to send, receive or withdraw funds. No additional fees or interest earned will accrue during that period.

Unavailability of the Flexepin service: While Flexewallet makes every attempt to ensure that the Flexepin service is available to Users at all times, it is possible that the service may be temporarily unavailable to some or all Users from time to time. This may be caused by factors external to Flexewallet such as general internet connection issues, as well as system issues and outages associated with various mobile network operators.


10. Taxation implications

Making purchases with a Flexepin will usually have the same taxation implications as if you had paid for the purchase by cash or payment card.


11. Dispute Resolution

Flexewallet is committed to dealing with customer complaints fairly and resolving issues in a timely manner in accordance with our procedures for the handling of complaints.

Complaints will be dealt with primarily by Flexewallet’s Customer Service Centre in Melbourne.

12. Receipt and handling of complaints including transactions, fees and delivery of items.
If you have a complaint about a transaction, a fee or delivery of an item, you should consider filing a claim via Email to Flexepin – [email protected].

If you have a complaint about the Flexepin service you should contact us immediately. Hours of operation for Australian users are Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm AEST.

You can report complaints in any one of the following ways:

Email: You can lodge complaints by submitting an email directly from the website. This form can be accessed by clicking the Contact section on the Flexepin Website. You could also file your complaint directly to us on [email protected].
Mail: By mail to Flexewallet Pty Ltd, GPO Box 171, Melbourne, VIC 3001.

13. How we handle your complaints

We endeavour to resolve all complaints within a maximum time frame of 45 business days. This may not be possible in circumstances where we require further time to conduct our investigation, for example, where information is being sought from a relevant credit card issuer. In instances wherewe cannot resolve a customer’s compliant within 5 business days we will send the customer an email notifying them of the delay and the reason for the delay as well as an indication of when we expect to be able to respond.

If a complaint relates to the suspension or cancellation of a Flexepin voucher we will request the necessary verification details from the customer, and where appropriate, lift the limitation as quickly as possible.
For further details on dispute resolution, please read the appropriate section in the Flexepin Terms and Conditions.

14. Other Information Available

Additional information in respect of the Flexepin service is available on the Flexepin Website Flexewallet has prepared this PDS. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission takes no responsibility for the contents of this PDS.