About Flexepin

Flexepin is a product operated by Flexewallet, a subsidiary of the Novatti Group (ASX: NOV). Flexepin is a cash top-up voucher that allows users to top-up existing accounts to enable online shopping without the need for a credit or debit card, whilst protecting personal identity and financial information.

Flexepin was developed to assist in the improvement of security and privacy in online spending, in addition to enabling many of the unbanked population worldwide to purchase goods and services, using an alternate method of payment.

Our management and development team have a strong track record in delivering customer-centric and demand-driven products for the past 20 years in the payment solution business, and our vision is to become one of the worlds most respected alternative payment providers and an integral part of global digital payment ecosystem.

Shopping with Flexepin reduces the threat of online fraud as no sensitive information is ever requested. Flexepin cash top-up vouchers are purchased with cash in retail outlets such as shops, petrol stations or kiosks. The unique 16 digit code displayed on them can then be used to top-up an account and pay directly on any website that accepts Flexepin transactions worldwide, or loaded onto prepaid cards and e-wallets. This offers consumers a convenient and secure way to shop online without having to provide personal information or link accounts to personal credit/debit cards.

Flexepin Vouchers are available at thousands of locations across Australia and Canada, with thousands more across UK and Europe over the coming months. The Flexepin cash top-up voucher which contains a personal identification number (PIN) can be purchased in various denominations, ranging from $20 to $500 dependent on the currency.

Flexepin is operated in Australia and Canada by Flexewallet Pty Ltd, which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and holder of an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL number 448066).