Merchant Onboarding Guide

Flexepin offers an alternate method of payment catering to customers who may not be able to use traditional financial services such as bank accounts or credit cards to buy goods and services online. Flexepin provides you a way to tap into and add this important customer segment, without impacting the revenue streams from your existing customers. It allows a merchant to reach new customers, go global and be the preferred choice retailer.


Follow this step by step process to become a Flexepin merchant today


Please complete the Flexepin KYC form that includes essential company information that is used to perform Due Diligence. You can download it here.

Following acceptance of your application, a Merchant Agreement will be provided to you to be signed and returned.

Review and access the REST API for integration located at
i. Enables all functions for the redemption of vouchers
ii. Contains TEST vouchers of various statuses
iii. Contains Sample php, python and other languages
Test credentials supplied after successful KYC with merchant key and secret
View demo redeem site here: Redeem Voucher Demo

As a merchant, you will design your own UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) tailored to your customers and integrated with your existing checkout process.

Flexepin’s Branding Guidelines include how to best represent the logo, colours etc.

Once you are satisfied with your own testing, you will need to sign off the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) document
You will also need to provide your TEST URL and username/password to Flexepin for our final compliance review and feedback

A PGP Encryption Key/Email Address should be provided to allow secure communication of the live credentials and set you up as an official merchant.

Now you can start offering your customer a new and convenient way to top up their account to purchase goods and services online!