Who Uses Vouchers Anyway?

Who Uses Vouchers Anyway?

What are vouchers?

By general definition, a voucher is a small printed piece of paper with unique identifying information (such as a PIN or barcode) that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for goods or services. It is also a document used to prove that a transaction has been made. In business, a voucher is a piece of paper that acts as a receipt to claim a product or a service, usually in stores, at events, entertainment places, and others. It is evidence of a payment made normally online using a mobile device, computer, or tablet. Websites offer vouchers for different purposes, which can be redeemed by their users.

Different kinds of vouchers
Listed are common vouchers used worldwide:

  • Accounting vouchers:
    • Cash vouchers (debit voucher for cash payment and credit voucher for cash receipts)
    • Non-cash vouchers or transfer vouchers
  • Gift vouchers
  • Discount vouchers
  • School vouchers
  • Meal voucher

Different uses of vouchers

  1. Business: Marketers use different kinds of vouchers to achieve their business goals such as the offer of discount vouchers, promo vouchers, gift vouchers, and others.
  2. Tourism: Vouchers used for tourism purposes are usually provided to enable access to free tourist activities where the consumer cannot avail of the service beforehand. Nowadays, when a reservation is completed on the Internet, customers are given a voucher to claim their order. The customer can print this voucher to show the service provider as proof of reservation and/or confirmation.
  3. Accounting: A voucher is a document usually made when a vendor invoice is received and after the invoice is successfully matched with the corresponding Purchase Order. In the internal system of a business, it represents an intention to pay the vendor of the amount presented in the voucher.
  4. Mobile phones: On mobile devices, a voucher, also known as a credit or load, is a card/paper receipt that uses a PIN number to recharge a SIM card with phone money used for call credits.

Users of vouchers
Most voucher users are consumers who go about shopping online via their mobile device or computer. They can be used to pay for an order  of goods or services in lieu of real cash. They can also be used in person when the consumer has placed an order online and the company sends the user a voucher to be presented before availing of the service.

Vouchers have been used as a marketing strategy for some years now. In fact, a lot of families rely on vouchers to make discounts on their everyday purchases, in a hope of decreasing their expenses. In fact, research claims that an average adult in Australia uses up to three vouchers every month for a variety of purposes. These include saving money on supermarket shopping, meals and other purchases.

Flexepin is a cash top-up voucher that can be purchased at a range of convenience stores and kiosks can be redeemed to add credit to an account, load a wallet to pay for goods and services online, using a unique PIN. The Flexepin cash top-up voucher is a product of Flexewallet Pty Ltd, a property of Novatti Pty Ltd.

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