Stay Safe

Protect your Flexepin using our 5 Golden Security Rules

By following these 5 Golden Rules you can use your Flexepin Voucher with confidence when paying online. Remember to always be alert and watchful for scams, tricksters and fraudsters.
You risk losing all your money if you do not follow all 5 of these rules.

Rule 1 – If Uncertain, Check with Flexepin

Not familiar with procedures involving Flexepin voucher use, or experienced anything suspicious?

Contact the Flexepin Customer Support team before use.

Rule 2Beware of Fake Merchants

Only enter your Flexepin 16-digit PIN at authorised Flexepin merchants. Never pay a fine, deposit or advance fee or anything similar with Flexepin. If you are using a merchant’s website for the first time, always check the URL beforehand with Flexepin’s authorised merchant look-up or by contacting customer support.

A simple website check, using our continuously updated search tool, can stop the scammers in their tracks. And remember, some offers are too good to be true!

Rule 3 – Only use your Flexepin Voucher to
Pay at a Secure Authorised Flexepin Merchant

The payment page of an authorised Flexepin merchant will have a lock symbol in the search bar and the URL will commence with https://

Insecure look-alike payment pages may also not have the lock and the URL may commence with http:// (i.e. missing the “s”).

The security certificate is issued to the merchant and can be checked by clicking on the padlock icon that’s to the left of the URL inside your browser’s address bar. If you are uncertain or suspicious, please check with the Flexepin team.

We are here to help you.

Rule 4 – Never Disclose any Information about
your Flexepin Voucher to a Third Party

Only use Flexepin on secure payment pages, as per Rule 3. It is never acceptable to share the 16-digit PIN in the following ways to another person: verbally, phone, emails, scans or other web-based messaging systems.

Even when dealing with the Flexepin team, do NOT disclose your 16-digit PIN, only disclose the serial number. Any request to disclose your 16-digit PIN or any part thereof is indicative of a fraud or scam.

Rule 5 – Treat your Flexepin Voucher like Cash

Remember that the 16-digit PIN is effectively your cash and just as valuable. Telling someone the 16-digit PIN or part thereof is the same as handing them cash.

Hand it over and it is lost forever!