Stay Aware

Stay Aware of Scammers and Fraudsters

Flexepin has made it easier for you to be well aware of the scams currently in circulation and how to not fall into their trap. Check out the latest information on known scams.

Check the Website URL

Flexepin Search

Flexepin provides an easy Check Merchant tool to check whether the website it authorised to accept Flexepin 16-Digit PIN vouchers.

DO NOT use Flexepin Vouchers on these unauthorised sites:
Ebay Motors

Check the Email Address


You will only receive an email from our customer support team using the following email:
We do NOT use other variations when replying to your queries.
We do NOT ask for your 16-Digit PIN number, only the serial number.


If you receive a suspicious email or the email address isn’t quite right, please contact us ASAP!

Known Scams

Known SCAMS include a ‘seller’ or an ‘agency’ requesting that you purchase a Flexepin Voucher to pay for goods over the phone or by sending a photo/copy – DO NOT share your PIN with anyone unauthorised!

Tax Debt Scams – The ATO, CRA and federal government tax agencies DO NOT accept Flexepin as a Payment Method and will never ask for you to purchase Flexepin to pay any debts or Tax Invoices.

i-Tunes Scams – You cannot purchase i-Tunes cards using Flexepin or Flexepin using i-Tunes cards.

Apartment Rental Scams – You cannot pay for rent or rental fees to any landlord using Flexepin.

Freight & Shipping Scams – You cannot pay for freight or shipping expenses using Flexepin.


Do I Need a Certificate of Validity?

Flexepin DOES NOT require or use any 3rd party sites to verify or validate or certify a Flexepin Voucher.

Websites offering to do so are NOT authorised.
Example: DO NOT enter your PIN at

Can I use Flexepin at an Auction Site?

Flexepin auction (2)

Flexepin DOES NOT facilitate any deals that are advertised on Craigslist, eBay, kijiji, TradingPost, Backpage, or any such similar sites.

Our authorised merchants run fully secure payment pages and most offer other payment methods on their secure payment page (secure is identified by the identification of the ‘lock’ logo in the web browser search bar and also the use of HTTPS:// in the URL address).

What About Paying for Invoices?

Flexepin does not offer an INVOICE service and do NOT issue invoices to the end customer. If you are sent an invoice to pay for goods and services using Flexepin Vouchers – DO NOT PAY.

Contact us via our Customer Support Page.

If the above is not clear, Flexepin has developed the 5 Golden Security Rules to reduce any potential online risks to our wonderful customers.

Stay aware and pay with CONFIDENCE when using Flexepin.