Growth of mobile wallets

Growth of mobile wallets

Mobile wallets: game on

Not everyone may have seen it coming, but mobile usage has been reaping higher rates year on year and it is making a significant impact on consumer’s lives and spending habits. Despite the increase in smartphone services, such as virtual wallets, none is yet to take the consumer world by storm. Many consumers still prefer traditional banking, however, digital wallets are getting a lot of attention from avid mobile users all over the world.

Many subscription services have embraced the changes that come with new technologies, and upgraded their payment methods to allow for mobile payments. These online services and some retailers include Amazon, Skype, Box TV, and, of course, Apple, which is said to have started the mobile billing trend for subscriptions.

Mobile payment, the “new wave of growth”, has seen 15% of consumers use their mobile wallets during the second half of last year. Experts are saying this percentage will increase to 22% in the next six months. Despite questions remaining about security and privacy, consumers worldwide are turning to mobile payments for subscription-based services because of both convenience and flexibility. Likewise, companies worldwide are discovering opportunities to fulfil the newly found needs of the global mobile consumers.

Where’s Wallet?

The number of digital wallets available throughout the world is vast and ever growing. Flexepin is an online payment option that lets customers top-up their account with cash, to transact value online safely and securely. Flexepin caters to various kinds of consumers and purposes, including topping up an account or wallet, online shopping, settling bills, checking out of counters or physical kiosks and performing micro-payments.

With aims to demonstrate a neutral outlook in the industry, Flexepin offers its services not only to online consumers but also distributors, merchants and business owners. Its core mission is to help the online marketplace grow globally and increase the sales turnover of businesses. It does this by helping both distributors and merchants increase their visibility and expand their customer base.

With the growing demand for both basic and complex daily financial services, Flexepin strives to serve its customers by providing quality financial services for everyday needs. 

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