For Merchants



Flexepin offers an alternate method of payment catering to customers who may not be able to use traditional financial services such as bank accounts or credit cards to buy goods and services online.

Flexepin provides you a way to tap into and add this important customer segment, without impacting the revenue streams from your existing customers.

Why should you accept Flexepin?

  • Reach new customers–Adding a new payment option has been shown to increase conversion rates in purchasing online. Use Flexepin to help attract new customers and generate new revenue streams.
  • Go Global!– Because Flexepin is being offered for sale in many countries throughout the world, customers can purchase Flexepin Cash Top-Up vouchers at 1000’s of physical retail outlets. Flexepin will help you reach and convert new customers from new countries, ensuring that geography no longer needs to be a barrier.
  • Become the preferred choice retailer– By adding Flexepin as a payment option in your retail environment, you will be able to reach a market that your competitors may be missing out on.
  • Easy integration– Integrating Flexepin into your website is simple with many resources available to get you up and running quickly.
  • No ongoing monthly or annual fees– Costs for Flexepin are directly charged and only related to transactions.
  • Risk-free– Since you can use a Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher just like cash to top-up an account, it removes the risk of fraudulent activity, repudiation and charge-backs.

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