Where can I get Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers?

Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers are distributed by our Business Partners globally, you can purchase them from numerous retailers, outlets and online shops etc. Click here to locate them near you.

Where can I use my Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers?

You can use your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers at our Participating Merchants websites. See our Participating Merchant list here.

Can I reverse a transaction?

It is not possible to reverse a transaction. Once a transaction has been successfully completed, your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher balance will be deducted permanently. If you required a transaction reversal, please contact your merchant directly.

How long are Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers valid for?

Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher codes are valid for an infinite period from the moment you purchase them. Note that every Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher generated and supplied to you will be accompanied by a ‘Use By Date’. A monthly charge will be applied to your Voucher after the Use By Date. For more information see Terms and Conditions.

How many Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers can I purchase?

You may hold Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers totalling no more than $5000 AUD, or the equivalent in another available currency outside Australia unless otherwise restricted to a lower amount on any one day. For more information see Terms and Conditions.

Can I re-use my Flexepin Voucher PIN?

Once you have submitted your Flexepin voucher PIN code and the amount and PIN are validated by the participating merchant – the Flexepin voucher code and amount will be considered redeemed and cannot be used again. Zero value remains on the voucher; the voucher cannot be re-used; the voucher cannot be topped up with more value.

How can I purchase Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers if I am under eighteen years of age?

You are permitted to purchase and redeem Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers at any time if you are under eighteen years of age. You might not be able to use your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher on some websites, due to the nature of the products and services being offered. Please check the terms and conditions on the website you are seeking to redeem the voucher.

How can I get a refund?

You can request a refund if your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher code is unused and still valid at the time.

You are required by law to complete a Consumer Refund Application Form so that we could verify the validity of the transaction and your personal identity. Full details on how to submit a refund request are listed in the form.

Refunds can be requested up to 1 year after the use by date of the Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher and is subject to fees.

Refunds are unavailable in countries where refunds are not permitted under local law, and Flexepin is not liable for refunds, losses or compensations.

AUSTRALIA – click here to download the Australian Consumer Refund Form
CANADA – click here to download the Canadian Consumer Refund Form

For more information see Terms and Conditions.

How do I check if a merchant website is genuine?

Before spending Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher, you should check if a merchant website is genuine, using our Merchant Website Lookup. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Support.

Beware of scams, they always look real, that is how they succeed in scamming you out of your cash. Check first.

How can I optimise my security when paying online

Treat your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher exactly like cash. Passing on your details to third parties allow them to use the credit amount you have paid for.

Never share your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher details by e-mail, text or over the phone to people requiring an upfront payment. Authorised merchants only ever ask for the voucher details through a secure payment page, look for the “lock” graphic at the top of your browser. They never ask you to email, text or phone in the voucher details.

You cannot buy Flexepin by phone. You can use our store locator to find the nearest sales outlets.

How do I report a suspicious merchant website?

Staying safe with Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher is our top priority. To protect yourself from scams, illicit activities and suspicious merchant websites, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support.

How do I report lost or stolen Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers?

If your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher has been lost or stolen, please contact Customer Support immediately and ask for a replacement.

We encourage you to report to your local police for necessary assistance.

Can I get Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers in different currencies?  

Yes, you can! Currently, you can purchase Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers in AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR with many more currencies to be made available soon.

I am in Canada and am being charged a convenience fee – is this correct?

Flexepin Vouchers sold in Canada have a convenience fee in addition to the Value fo the Flexepin Voucher.

Flexepin Voucher + Value Retailer Convenience Fee
$20 +$1.95 fee
$50 +$3.95 fee
$100 +$4.95 fee
$150 +$5.95 fee
$250 +$7.95 fee
$300 +$11.95 fee
$500 +$15.95 fee

(please note: this service is operated by Payment Source in Canada – queries relating to using the TopMeUp website should be directed here)

Do I need to sign up for the TopMeUp service before I can buy a Flexepin Voucher?
Yes, if you are a first time client, you must first register before purchasing vouchers. Registration takes about one business day, and you may return to Topmeup after you receive the email confirmation of your verified profile. After registration, returning users must use the same email address to purchase vouchers.

When will I receive my voucher after I pay?
An email will arrive at the email address that you entered on the first page under the heading ‘Enter Your Email’ shortly after you complete payment for your order by debit card, e-Transfer, or in person at Canada Post. The email you use to register with will be the same email used to both to validate your identity and send your vouchers.

What does verification involve and how long does it take?
There is a simple verification process for first time users that takes up to one business day. By registering, you agree that you may be contacted by email or phone to complete the verification. You will not be contacted for any other reason and your personal information will never be sold or shared. If you are not registered, you will be prompted to enter your name, address, and an image of your government-issued photo ID (Passport, Driver’s License, etc.).

Where can I find a Canada Post location to make an in-person (Pay In Person) payment?
Please use Canada Post’s location finder, here.

When I go to a Canada Post Outlet will I need to take any ID?
No, you do not need to show your ID. Take the QR code sent to you and ask the clerk to scan it.

What payment methods can I use in person at Canada Post?
Cash and debit.

Can you send me my voucher by text message to my mobile phone?
No, it’s email only.

How many orders can I create for the ‘Pay in Person’ option?
You can pay for multiple orders with any of the payment options. Note that in-person orders must range between $10 and $500 including fees. In other words, you may not purchase a $500 denomination voucher using the in-person payment method because the fees will exceed the $500 cap, but you may make more than one order. The denomination limits per transaction for debit cards and e-Transfer are higher.

What are my daily limits?
You can make multiple orders for up to $2,500 per 24 hours